Nautical Style

Sean Dark brown is a leading figure in the emerging field of ecological interior design. A prolific artist and writer, his ideas are inspired by nature and the interconnectedness of all facts. He feels that splendor lies in the easy things we can relate to and explore inside ourselves, in ourselves and in the world around all of us. His plastic theories take the human knowledge and translate it into designs to get both house and place design and style, including watercolor, nautical marks, plant research, little one’s books, plus much more.

Brown’s styles for the two residential and business spaces offer an earthy authenticity that takes advantage of her his absolutely adore of nature and his history in the sciences. This individual has a penchant for unearthing meaning and beauty in unlikely places, from shipping containers to homeplants. His mantras for the purpose of discovery, acquiring meaning through the procedure, research, intuition, and inspection have led him to explore the nautical associated with design and art with originality, top quality, grace, and uniqueness. A marine biologist who earned a M. A. in zoology, Estén Brown comprehends the connection between plants and the sea, especially in terms of the significance of nautical creatures.

From the sensitive blooms of early spring to vibrant sea greens during fall, Brown’s paintings experience a rare top quality of beauty and majesty. His use of contrasting colors and textures build a feeling of substance motion, whether or not the flowers are rising or perhaps falling. The ocean designs run through the entire various projects, from surface tiles to kitchen tile habits to seat covers. The constant reminders of nature seen in Sean Brown’s work connect his styles to the real-world, which is you reason why he enjoys this sort of a varied career and personal portfolio, filled with both nautical and place art bits.