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MT4 has an impressive interface that can easily be navigated through. This platform had been a highlight of other reviews the review team had done on other brokers primarily for its function and viability. The collaboration of the LexaTrade company with social networks proves that the company is reliable and tries to save the trader’s money. Some negative reviews exist, but they are likely to be ordered by the competitors because there aren’t any photos. You can opt for the Silver and Gold account types for a deposit above $3,000 and $10,000 respectively.

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Opening the site, we can see that it really is a professional company. The website is well-made, has detailed info about the company, shows offered opportunities for traders, and provides enough information for future clients. He has more than 10 years of experience in trading and helps people get rich. Anna’s lessons, interesting articles in the field of financing will always help you manage your money properly. Unlike the experience that our review team had experienced, the customer support had been responsive, maybe owing to the specific pint of concern mentioned above.

As such, let it be known to the readers of this review that this is intended to create further discourse regarding the firm’s effectiveness. The review team had proven each offer’s validity and had concluded that Umarkets is firm with its promises. Referring friends to enlist with Umarkets entitles the client to interests in the form of a cut from lexatrade forex brokers reviews the referral’s deposited amount. The firm allows for a 15% cut of the entire amount that the referral deposits, this may range from $500 to $10,000. If the referral deposits the latter, an automatic amount of $1,500 would be reflected on the client’s account. True enough, $75 had reflected on the account of the one posing as the main client.

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Early on, the firm makes it clear that trading Forex is a dive, with its goal being able to make it easy for interested parties to start doing so. If you would like to know more details about the account types offered, we do recommend visiting their website. There are four account types on Umarkets’ official website to cater to a wider range of clients, from beginners to experts. I decided to try it out on my own after a friend of mine showed off about his earnings in forex. I googled “Forex trading online” and found LexaTrade as a suggested broker.

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These accounts give the trader much more options and features that can help lighten the load of trading as well as gain additional benefits. Maxitrade offers a variety of account types, each with their own benefits for any trader with any budget and experience. Of course, a Maxitrade welcome bonus is offered for first-time accounts which can top forex brokers go up to 150%. The Maxitrade software incorporates the use of MetaTrader 4 platform which is counted on for its cutting-edge technology and is seen as a reliable software; boasting great charting and analysis tools for any trader. MetaTrader also comes with options that can help automate tasks and so traders can focus in the trading aspects.

However, it can be said that LexaTrade truly isn’t an organization bent on scamming people and does legitimate business. So, we decided to see for ourselves and check if these claims have any bearings whatsoever. We will also investigate what may have led to such while providing feedback about LexaTrade. Of course, all information provided here has been taken from the LexaTrade official site. LexaTrade is an innovative and legit broker that offers a ton of opportunities for all customers. There are many useful instruments, two platforms, a lot of educational materials. And based on the review team’s experience, Umarkets does stand by this goal through its provision of a team of analysts that its client can contact easily through the support hotline.

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When trading with Maxitrade security of funds is its maximum priority. The Maxitrade broker is regulated by the IFMRRC whose website has been identified with an SSL certificate meaning they are relatively trust worthy. The Platinum and VIP account types are viable for a deposit above $50,000 and $100,000 respectively. These are the most beneficial for experienced traders who know their way in and out the market. As we mentioned earlier, this account covers all the basic ground for any trader who wants to invest in Maxitrade forex and will have access to trade with any currency pairs of their choosing.

The gold account seemed to be the most suitable option because it gave access to all the assets, offered lower spreads and trading signals. In the first month, I was able to make a profit of $2000 from the $ invested. In three months, I withdrew all the money I had put in the service and continued trading with what I had earned by that time. Just as the name states, the Start account is great for any beginning trader. However, you may not have access to a lot of things that the other account types have. Though even when starting a starting account with Maxitrade welcome bonus is still offered to up to 50% along with all the basic online trading services that traders require. When we look into these claims of a LexaTrade fraud, we’ve noticed that it’s not very concise on what it has said.

Different accounts give access to other features with some varying to a certain degree. With all the Umarkets customer reviews stated above, it is a safe broker? With all the reviews we’ve gathered, there is an obvious mixed review of this broker, with some clients claiming that it was excellent, while others claimed that it was fraudulent. The LexaTrade broker also offers a wide array of account types with different advantages and benefits the higher the tier goes. However, it is advised that you choose the one that would best suit your trading strategy.

It is also the truth because numerous positive reviews and experts’ reviews prove it. First time traders get a welcome bonus of up to 120% and a much faster withdrawal time. Apart from having access to a personal financial analyst, you will also have an individual review of your trading account with the financial analyst every week. When looking into Maxitrade background is a forex and CFD broker with a greater focus on cryptocurrency. With almost well over 150,000 traders and more than 170,000,000 successful trades, the company is still striving to create and offer convenient and advanced services for all customers. My partners were sure that LexaTrade is a scam because they couldn’t find any old news about it online. I know the company from some other services, so I was sure I could invest here.

Protection is furthered by the fact that the client data are cared for by SSAE 16 certified datacenters. Clients would be getting 100% insurance if he or she had deposited funds amounting from $500 to $5000. It is computed to the amount of total loss, a result of all trades done.

Overall, the Maxitrade trading platforms offers a modern and innovative experience for all traders. When trading online, one must always be sure of the brokers he plans on working with. If there are any doubts, there might be a risk of losing your investment. That is why we have prepared a LexaTrade review to let our readers learn lexatrade scam more about this broker. It is apparent that the services offered by this broker are legitimate. But then, it is offset by the question of greater legitimacy of the company itself. As also stated in an earlier segment, this review is not meant to sanitize or apologize for any negative reviews that are uploaded through the web.

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This surely is something that an interested party would find enticing. But of course, it must be noted that there are other brokerages out there that offer the same amount. Also, you should wait for the notification that the broker has opened an account for you and registered you on the exchange. Such situations often happen, that’s why euro dollar forecast it is necessary to be attentive and to analyze the information. Analytical thinking will help the user not to make a serious mistake while choosing the broker using the internet. their main aim was to prevent clients from using the services of LexaTrade. These reviews deserve attention along with negative ones of LexaTrade lie.

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Not only are there Umarkets reviews done by professional reviewers, but also Umarkets customer reviews that shed light to clients’ satisfaction level with this broker’s services. On average, it receives a 3.0 rating, which suggests that clients have mixed responses to this broker’s services. Umarkets forex broker is licensed to operate and regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center or IFMRRC. This is an independent regulatory authority that partners with several brokers in providing security to their client’s data and funds as well as giving the best conditions to trade with. Another thing to keep an eye out for and is much more important is checking if proper financial authorities and entities regulate the online broker. This would let you know if the broker in question follows the guidelines and conducts business in a safe and standard manner.

  • Whether it is for Maxitrade Forex trading or even cryptocurrency trading, the following are the account types offered.
  • Also thrown into the review mix is signing up for an actual Umarkets trading account and doing actual transactions with it.
  • As such, let it be known to the readers of this review that this is intended to create further discourse regarding the firm’s effectiveness.
  • When trading online, one must always be sure of the brokers he plans on working with.
  • Of course, all information provided here has been taken from the LexaTrade official site.
  • There is also a certain affiliate program on the site, which helps customers to bring new users, promising them a bonus in return.

This is optimal for anyone new to trading and/or wants to give Maxitrade a try. The VIP trading account offers everything an experienced trader with every tool and feature prioritized for the trader.

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And speaking of automated, Maxitrade trading platform is very well known for its automatic trading bots aptly named Expert Advisors. Many articles and materials on trading overall are provided for even non-registered users. LexaTrade also holds webinars to assist traders in various topics. This platform had enjoyed a positive reputation across the web, with client testimonies saying that the platform is highly-reliable with transactions executed in a speedy manner.

Many may point at it claiming it as a Maxitrade scam, however, the broker is a legitimate business with proper regulations and conditions. But in the end, appropriate risk management and analysis can make a difference no matter what broker the trader uses. Here, the account offers a welcome bonus of up to 100% as well a personal financial analyst that will fully help you in your trading. When looking into LexaTrade, it certainly does boast competitive services and offerings, and if it is more in line with your financial endeavors, we would highly recommend trying it out. LexaTrade may not have the fastest response times, and the time it takes to process withdrawals can leave much to be desired for.

Many of its clients would claim that LexaTrade doesn’t allow them to withdraw their money. It’s one of the biggest reasons why many would immediately point to it in being a scam of sorts. However, it is very important to note in this forex review the nature of online brokers – whether they are reputable or not. Most of the reasons why many brokers fail to process the withdrawals on time are mainly due to lacking the connection to major intermediary banks for specific target markets they have. This, coupled with miscommunications/ faulty communication devices , cause clients to believe otherwise and tell others why forex is a scam.

This would mean that LexaTrade keeps the clients’ best interest at priority at most. At the end of the day, the trader’s success is not reliant on the effectiveness of the platform used, but by the trading strategies that he or she employs. While the trader is liable for the turnout of the trades he or she would be delving into, the firm also has a hand in his or her education. With forex indices the review team’s experience, the analysts from the firm do assist a trader fully. Account managers are also at the client’s beck and call, always available for clarifications or concerns. In conclusion, like all markets, risk is always involved and in the financial world, every broker has their own conditions. It is up to the discretion of the trader to participate in them or not.

Moreover, in this case, the website login contains the most relevant and reliable information given by prominent experts. Starting with TrustPilot, one of the more popular brokerage firm reviewers, Umarkets only received a 3.0 rating. Some Umarkets customer reviews strongly claim that they have had fraudulent transactions with this broker. Although, the ratings it received on TrustPilot are 55% excellent and only 23% bad. Some comments still praise this broker for its quality services after successfully gaining profits from their trades. Umarkets had also partnered with MetaQuotes through its provision of MetaTrader 4 as a trading software option.

And the team has to be honest in saying that the issues raised by the traders are not to be taken lightly. These are serious accusations and it would do Umarkets well to answer answer them. The second point of the LexaTrade site is info that the company sells to its customers and site visitors. The company promises users the first trial account, with a mandatory profit, as well as a Deposit bonus of 30 percent. Whether it is for Maxitrade Forex trading or even cryptocurrency trading, the following are the account types offered.

The best way to find out whether you can trust service is by reading user opinions about it. We have searched several professional trading forums to gather the thoughts of experts, and this is what we found.

These are employed to ascertain that data transfer does not get compromised. There is also a certain affiliate program on the site, which helps customers to bring new users, promising them a bonus in return. Dow Markets office is the part of the Maxi Markets group, as this site works on partnership terms with an offshore organization that provides access to the XCritical software. Browsing the Internet to find user opinions, we found some negative feedback. These are the smallest reasons to prove that LexaTrade is a legit broker. If you still have some doubts, try working with the minimum investment sum to minimize risks. The firm gives a bonus of 30% of the client’s total, first deposited amount.

What these analysts do is scaffold the client into making profits through their trades through giving them market forecasts and useful trading signals. Most likely, these reviews were written by the company’s competitors. The LexaTrade review on the site ends with a section with links to the company’s documentation. As expected, the company’s website is trustworthy and doesn’t contain any lies, but unfortunately, many inexperienced users believe that LexaTrade are scammers because they meet negative LexaTrade customer reviews. Keep in mind that trading with Maxitrade brokers, there are no extra fees and all account types offer commission-free trading experience. The available account type offered ranges from Start, Silver, Gold, Platinum, to VIP in ascending order. Each of these accounts offer access to a wide range of services and materials.

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On the LexaTrade login page, we see that it utilizes the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is well and good as it is considered as the most versatile of most of the leading platforms out there – the MT5 included. Aside from that, everything on its sight from economic calendars to spread tables seems to be in order. Also, the firm of schemers login offers its clients some benefits. The company offers instant access, although this is a common feature of all broker sites, then trading assistants that help merge the client and trading without failures and favorable conditions.